Global Humanities Institute: Migration, Logistics and Unequal Citizens in Contemporary Global Context


“Conflict, Justice, and Decolonization: Critical Studies of Inter-Asian Societies” joint-project (2018-2022) is the primary goal of research conducted by the International Center for Cultural Studies (ICCS). The Ministry of Education has awarded ICCS as the featured area in the Higher Education SPROUT Project. To achieve this goal, ICCS established a trans-national partnership with 12 international institutes, inviting 36 senior scholars and 24 beginning scholars from different disciplinary backgrounds to participate in the project of a Global Humanities Institute under the theme of Migration, Logistics, and Unequal Citizens in Contemporary Global Context.

This GHI is awarded by the (Consortium of Humanities Centers and Institutes) and Mellon Foundation (2019-2021). Through an online living curriculum established by scholars from different countries, we also organized a monthly webinar series to discuss relevant issues. Our objective is to focus on the different forms of conflict and inequality in the Third World, particularly the large population of refugees, migrant workers, stateless persons, and human trafficking victims under the wave of massive migration in the 21st century. We examine institutions’ and juridical stipulations’ discriminative, exclusive, and exploitative practices in different societies. We also build up cross-local networks and carry out in-depth dialogues with NGOs and CBOs of other countries to produce a more inclusive discourse with the aim to reform specific unfit laws. To facilitate the circulation of research products, we also build up a platform for online publication so that graduate students around the world can participate.

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