Future, Restart—My Proposal for a Sustainable and Innovative Lifestyle: The library hosts a Sustainable Development Goal promotion event


In 2020, the theme of the annual library event hosted on Chiao Tung University campus was entitled “Future, Restart—My Proposal for a Sustainable and Innovative Lifestyle.” Based on the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nation, the event incorporated a series of activities, including symposium live streams, multistage competitive games, online database demonstrations, thematic book and movie exhibitions, and book giveaways.

In response to the current pandemic, the opening ceremony speech entitled “Era of Joint Power Generation—Use of Renewable Energy for Improving Society” was streamed live on Facebook. The speech was given by Dr. Hui-Ping Chen, founder of Sunny Founder, and Prof. Chuen-Tsai Sun from the Department of Computer Science, who discussed topics associated with solar power, renewable energy, the sharing economy, startup business ideals, equal rights to energy, and the role of women in the renewable energy industry. The livestream was watched by over 800 viewers, many of whom actively posted comments and raised questions related to these topics. The library emphasized the principle of “leave no one behind” at the core of the Sustainable Development Goals and aimed to promote this concept to all teachers and students in the hope of alleviating social inequality.


Link to the event is as follows: https://reurl.cc/j8pNxZ


2024 NYCU Sustainable Development Week ─ Result Presentation of USR x SDGs Project

2024 NYCU Sustainable Development Week ─ Result Presentation of USR x SDGs Project Event Time|2024/4/23 Tue. 09:25-15:30 Venue|1F, Microelectronics and Information Research Center, Guangfu Campus Application Deadline|2024/4/19 Fri. 12:00 Registration|https://forms.gle/aVD61vHJwn1xky5w5 ★Participate in 5 games and win a free gift!


2024 NYCU Sustainable Development Week ─ Sustainability Market

NYCU Sustainable Development Week─Sustainability Market Event Time|2024/4/20 Sat. 10:00-16:00 Venue|The Front Plaza of the Library, Guangfu Campus ★Potted Plant DIY Reservation: https://forms.gle/Hw4Fen2JxGEj27Yv6 ★Reusable Cup Bag DIY Reservation: https://forms.gle/PCDPcp1jmcFenue38    NT$100 Discount with a valid NYCU student ID(one time offer)!


2024 NYCU Sustainable Development Week ─ Climate Tipping Point

Climate Tipping Point Film List: The Weather Diaries Kathy Drayton|2020|Australia|91 min Link of Trailer *2024/4/18 Thur. 19:00     @ 1st Meeting Room, Auditorium and Activity Center, Yangming Campus *2024/4/22 Mon. 19:00     @ FR326, Humanities and Social Sciences Bldg.2, Chiaotung Campus Climate Exodus David Baute|2020|Spain|54 min Link of Trailer *2024/4/19 Fri.