Beyond Preservation: Visions for Future Sustainability – Implementing Cultural Sustainability and Circular Economy!


The notion of preserving cultural assets and activating inheritance for advancing the sustainable development of the social environment has become an international consensus and is implemented widely. In Culture for the 2030 Agenda, a report published by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization in 2018, the 5P principles of sustainable cultural development were highlighted: people, planet, prosperity, peace, and partnership. Traditional theater events in early Taiwanese society were closely related to the lives of the people, and theater events spread along with farming experience and religious activities to become a vital form of folk culture. According to literature and field studies, from the mid-Qing dynasty to the 1970s, traditional theater events thrived in the Hsinchu area, which was a major site for theater events in Taiwan. People’s identity and knowledge are strengthened through culture, which contributes to the preservation of cultural assets. In the global environment, culture can be used to maintain biodiversity, enhance the resilience of the cultural environment, and strengthen the positive relationship between culture and nature. The opening of economic and trade activities for cultural commodities and services leads to the prosperity of cultural and creative industries, whereas cultural diversity, social cohesion, and a sense of belonging creates peace, helps establish harmonious partnerships, and enhances international multilateral collaborations in culture, education, urban communities, climate ecology, and energy. National Chiao Tung University (NCTU) has inherited the cultural essence of SeDen Society Puppet Theater, and has extended the preservation and maintenance of other traditional dramas, building the only traditional art history platform in Taiwan. The archiving and cataloging of cultural relics related to glove puppetry have been completed; future objectives include the establishment of a digital museum and to link to the Taiwan Cultural Memory Bank for research and appreciation by related hobbyists throughout Taiwan. Cultural resources embody the values ​​and meanings of all that we have experienced; for this reason, NCTU is “Implementing” cultural sustainability and striving for a circular economy!


2024 NYCU Lifestyle Festival & Gender Week

2024 NYCU Lifestyle Festival ★ Date:24.4.2024 PM 12:00~19:00 ★Location:The square in front of the NYCU Library ★ The bazaar is divided into three main sections: NGOs & Cultural and Creative Market Life Food Bazaar Military experience ★Website:Link 2024 NYCU Gender Week (Series of activities) ★ Gender Issues Workshop 。Registration:Link 。Session


2024 NYCU Health Week

Health Week is here! The activities will invite you to participate in experiences and tests, or learn different health knowledge through games, including oral health care, healthy diet, smoking prevention, AIDS and drug prevention, etc. Welcome to participate and take home both “health” and “prizes”! Activity 1: Health Seminar (Chinese Speech) ※What


2024 NYCU Sustainable Development Week ─ SDGs Poster Exhibition

Check in and Share the SDGs Poster Exhibition! STEP 1: Take a Selfie with Posters STEP 2: Check in & Share on Facebook/Instagram (Hashtag: #NYCU#SDGs) STEP 3: Scan the QR code & Send out the Form to Win the Lottery! Event Time: 2024/4/18 Wed. –  2024/4/24 Wed. 12:00 Venue: 1F, Assembly