Insight into Badminton – Control Ability Evaluation System


At the flourishing development of sports technology, Dr. Chih-Wei Yi and his research team have been dedicated to precision sports technology research since 2019.Recently, Dr. Yi’s research team developed a shot-by-shot performance evaluation system for smart courts. They utilized advanced stereoscopic photography and computer vision technology to track badminton trajectories and generate scientific data. With outstanding contributions from this team, Professor Yi’s research team was honored with the 2023 Future Technology Award for their Shot-by-Shot Performance Evaluation System.

In badminton, one of the crucial performance indicators is the performance of each racket hitting the shuttlecock, including the speed of the shot, the angle of the shot, and the type of shot used. Therefore, Professor Yi’s team aimed to develop an individual badminton performance recording system suitable for smart badminton courts. The “Shot-by-Shot Performance Evaluation System” incorporates the construction and operation of professional sports venues when tracing badminton trajectories with technology. By providing scientific performance data, it can enhance the user experience of venues, increase the efficiency of learning, and improve the overall entertainment experience. The system consists of four main parts. The stereoscopic photography system, composed of multiple synchronized high-speed cameras, is capable of recording rallies from multiple angles simultaneously. This technology not only captures the player’s hitting posture but also provides comprehensive and detailed information about the badminton trajectory.

Besides, the system has functions such as calculating internal and external parameters of the cameras to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the recorded image data. The 2D/3D trajectory calculation of the badminton shuttlecock tracks the 2D trajectory first and then calculates the 3D trajectory using deep learning technology and the principles of photographic geometry. This enables the system to reconstruct the shuttlecock’s motion trajectory with higher precision and accurately measure its position and movement from various angles and distances. The semantic analysis of the badminton trajectory utilizes the 3D trajectory to detect hitting events. Also, it can segment and smooth the trajectory. By conducting a detailed analysis of the trajectory, the system can automatically identify key events, including the starting point, trajectory changes, and endpoint of the shuttlecock. It also mitigates trajectory deviations caused by detection errors. Fundamentally, this allows the system to furnish more accurate and reliable information about the shuttlecock’s motion trajectory. Finally, the calculation of player performance data, which extracts performance data from the 3D trajectory, is presented in tabular form. The collected data include key indicators such as shot speed, shot angle, and the type of shot used, providing reference for players and coaches in analyzing and evaluating their skills. The “Shot-by-Shot Performance Evaluation System” can help players better understand and analyze their hitting techniques, as the shuttlecock’s 3D motion trajectory can be vividly and intuitively presented through the visualization feature.

This system provides accurate and comprehensive records of badminton hitting performance to help players and coaches better understand strengths and areas for improvement. Additionally, it enhances the viewing experience for the audience during games. The application of this system also extends to athlete training in venues, improving competitiveness in badminton competitions for players. Therefore, Dr. Yi’s research achievements not only promote the application and development of intelligent technology but also drive the advancement of sports science and the enhancement of sports experiences. His significant contributions have made him a role model in the field of computer science. Congratulations to Dr. Chih-Wei Yi once again for receiving the Future Technology Award, and we look forward to more brilliant research results from his team in the field of intelligent sports technology.


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