COVID-19 Blood Oxygen Monitoring Cloud Platform Launched in New Taipei City Hospital: A Joint Effort between NYCU & Chunghwa Telecom to Help Hospitals Fight the COVID-19 Epidemic



Albert Chi-Chieh Yang, director of the Digital Medicine  Center of National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, said that since COVID-19 pandemic has not subsided, the silent hypoxemia monitoring platform will be able to help hospitals and quarantine stations fight the epidemic in time

In response to the rise of “happy” hypoxia (or silent hypoxemia) caused by the COVID-19 epidemic, NYCU Digital Medicine Center and Chunghwa Telecom cofounded an emergency rescue team for blood oxygen monitoring and developed a happy hypoxia monitoring platform for hospitals and quarantine stations. Currently, the platform has been successfully applied to 20 hospital beds in the Sanchong Branch of New Taipei City Hospital, confirming that it can be implemented to comprehensively assist medical professionals during the golden window for treatment.

According to Director Cheng-Chuan Hsiang of New Taipei City Hospital, the platform enables first-line medical personnel is dedicated wards and quarantine stations to focus on monitoring the blood oxygen and heart rate of patients and reduce their contact with patients. This substantially enhances the quality of care for numerous patients. Through effective monitoring by front desks in combination with the implementation of an evacuation mechanism, a comprehensive range of required quarantine station services can be provided.



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