A “Value-Oriented Holistic Care” Proposal to Tackle Taiwan’s Aging Population Challenge


Professor Liang-Kung Chen’s research team combines medical centers, community hospital outpatient clinics, primary clinics and health centers to conduct a one-year randomized trial aggregated between Taipei City, New Taipei City, Yilan County, and Hualien County. A total of 398 elderly people over 72.3 years old with 3 or more chronic diseases were to participate in the study, and outpatient physicians were given training in geriatric medicines such as management of multiple chronic diseases, multiple medications, and prevention of disability and dementia.


With Taiwan’s rapidly aging society condition, the number of outpatient visits for the elderly people is close to 30 per year, and the unhealthy survival time for citizens continues to rise, which is a major challenge for the sustainable development of Taiwan’s society. These statistics led to the full development & implementation of international elderly care in Taiwan. At present, health insurance provides affordable and convenient services for disease treatment. However, disability, dementia prevention, and other preventive healthcare are excluded and not integrated within the medical service of health insurance. After all, patients who already suffered from chronic diseases have a higher risk of subsequent disability and dementia. Providing patients with a well-integrated intervention and management of chronic diseases is a must for the interventional model to be considered clinically effective.



World AIDS Day~ Health Lecture

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Green dormitory carbon reduction workshop

Green dormitory carbon reduction workshop What small but important transformations can you make in your life for a sustainable planet? If you want to get involved: Campus dormitory planning and discussion If you care about: planning for sustainability on campus, green living, net-zero emissions If you want to experience: a