2021 Solar Decathlon Europe


Solar Decathlon Europe is a global comprehensive competition. Through seminar and cross-disciplinary collaboration, National Chiao Tung University has integrated different fields of science and engineering (such as structural electromechanical engineering, urban transportation, energy efficiency simulation, material research) and used thermoelectric chip of Micro-climate Controlling Core technology (MCC) technology and a cross-laminated timber (CLT) wood structure system to achieve carbon reduction, thus minimizing the impact of the conventional construction industry on the climate and environment. The proposal for this competition considers various aspects of current urban conditions in Taiwan, such as transportation, social structure, and forms of living, and seeks solutions for improving efficiency of living, sharing functions, protecting the environment, and conserving energy among concerns such as overpopulation, alienation and privatization, and the climate crisis. The design considers social conditions from a humanistic perspective to propose a social housing project applicable to the local context, which will be implemented in Taiwan and Germany in 2021 in the form of small-scale housing demonstration units.

Taipei Urban Scenario


2024 NYCU Sustainable Development Week ─ Result Presentation of USR x SDGs Project

2024 NYCU Sustainable Development Week ─ Result Presentation of USR x SDGs Project Event Time|2024/4/23 Tue. 09:25-15:30 Venue|1F, Microelectronics and Information Research Center, Guangfu Campus Application Deadline|2024/4/19 Fri. 12:00 Registration|https://forms.gle/aVD61vHJwn1xky5w5 ★Participate in 5 games and win a free gift!


2024 NYCU Sustainable Development Week ─ Sustainability Market

NYCU Sustainable Development Week─Sustainability Market Event Time|2024/4/20 Sat. 10:00-16:00 Venue|The Front Plaza of the Library, Guangfu Campus ★Potted Plant DIY Reservation: https://forms.gle/Hw4Fen2JxGEj27Yv6 ★Reusable Cup Bag DIY Reservation: https://forms.gle/PCDPcp1jmcFenue38    NT$100 Discount with a valid NYCU student ID(one time offer)!


2024 NYCU Sustainable Development Week ─ Climate Tipping Point

Climate Tipping Point Film List: The Weather Diaries Kathy Drayton|2020|Australia|91 min Link of Trailer *2024/4/18 Thur. 19:00     @ 1st Meeting Room, Auditorium and Activity Center, Yangming Campus *2024/4/22 Mon. 19:00     @ FR326, Humanities and Social Sciences Bldg.2, Chiaotung Campus Climate Exodus David Baute|2020|Spain|54 min Link of Trailer *2024/4/19 Fri.