Breaking Geographical Boundaries through Distance Learning


Our school has several campuses and advantages, facilitating a healthy environment for the sharing of educational resources through distance learning. We are actively equipping educational facilities in various campus buildings with highly interactive distance learning equipment, including tracking cameras and advanced tools to ensure the optimal quality of distance education. We also adapt and improve both the hardware and software in classrooms to meet the needs of different teaching scenarios.
In total, our school has established 53 classrooms equipped for distance video teaching. We provide portable distance learning equipment for both teachers and students which increase the convenience of distance education. Regardless of their physical location, teachers and students can use these resources to participate in courses and overcome geographical limitations.
In order to diversify distance learning, our school has acquired video conference software licenses such as Google, Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams, and more. This offers teachers and students a wide range of software options and provides regular training on distance software functionalities. In addition to synchronous distance teaching, students can also engage in self-study or review through the school’s open courseware.


Let the “heart” take a breath – What is Mental Health Day? How to Establish a Campus that is More Friendly, and Supportive of Mental Health

Recently, universities and colleges have been increasingly recognizing the importance of addressing students’ mental and psychological well-being. They are gradually implementing initiatives to promote mental health days, with the expectation that these days will allow students to focus on their emotional well-being. The goal is to help them understand how