Collaborate Internationally to Promote NYCU’s Open Course Education to Serve the Community for Public Welfare


Our school has always been committed to the establishment and promotion of open educational resources, allowing students around the world to participate freely in learning without time and place constraints, while also contributing to global sustainable development. In 2022, we recorded 12 open courses (OpenCourseWare, OCW) and edited them into high-quality course videos based on instructor philosophy and contend, while making them available under Creative Commons (CC) licenses free of charge. One of the newly recorded courses, “Introduction to Materials Science and Engineering (1),” was taught by Professor Winny Dong from the California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, who received the 2021 President’s Award for Excellence in Science, Mathematics, and Engineering Mentoring from the White House. This course mainly introduces the fundamental concepts of materials science and its essential role in various fields of engineering.

In September 2022, Professor Chen Po-ning from the NYCU’s Department of Electronics Engineering received recognition for his outstanding performance in the “Open Course – Principles of Communications 1.” He participated in an event for excellent open education courses organized by the Taiwan Open Course and Education Consortium (TOCEC). His ability to convey complex and difficult professional knowledge in a simple and understandable way earned him the highest honor of OCW Group. This recognition not only benefits his students, but also reaches a wider audience interested in the course. The dedication and teaching approach of Professor Chen Po-ning has been acknowledged, making a significant contribution to the promotion of open education.
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