Collecting details of the University after merger, uncovering its glorious history and the records of Taiwan’s socioeconomic development


The University History and Special Collections Division of the library is responsible for researching and collecting the University’s historical and cultural relics; it regards itself as the preserver and interpreter of the University’s historical materials. In 2021, the two universities merged into National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University. The University History and Special Collections Division actively collects and preserves various cultural relics related to the transition period, including school nameplates, official seals, school nameplate disassembly/assembly A/V materials, and newspaper materials, all housed in the university history collection area of the campus and connected with past cultural relics to re-present the alternating fusion of “new” and “old”.

Before the merger, National Yang-Ming University and National Chiao Tung University each played their own key role in the development history of medicine and semiconductor engineering. Through the continuous unearthing and research of university history, the cultural heritage and local historical memories from the development of medicine and engineering have been recorded.

The “National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University Historical Relics and Information Collection Inquiry System”, upgraded and transformed in 2021, will also gradually build and integrate the Yangming Campus’ historical relics and make them available globally.

In 2021, “Our Library-the 1st–4th Libraries of the NCTU Campus”, “Seeing the Principles of Life”, “Doctors Continuing, Developing, Helping, and Teaching by Example: Professor Jiang Shou-De, a Gentleman”, “Thank you, and Please, Go Under Linong Street!—Youth of the School of Medicine Blooming in Kirragenan! Old Photo and Image Exhibition” and other themed exhibitions of university history collect the common emotions of NYCU people and continue the culture and spirit of NYCU people through the university history narrative.


Let the “heart” take a breath – What is Mental Health Day? How to Establish a Campus that is More Friendly, and Supportive of Mental Health

Recently, universities and colleges have been increasingly recognizing the importance of addressing students’ mental and psychological well-being. They are gradually implementing initiatives to promote mental health days, with the expectation that these days will allow students to focus on their emotional well-being. The goal is to help them understand how