Nanliao Hydraulic Startup Hub & Emergency Seawater Desalination Plant


Taiwan is subject to the effects of climate change, particularly water scarcity, which is highly detrimental to the development of multiple industries. In addition to the conservation of freshwater resources, efforts should be made to develop seawater desalination with the objective of establishing a stable water source. By reducing the excessive use of land-based water resources, Taiwan can quickly achieve drought preparedness and establish a crucial benchmark in this regard. The Environmental Technology & Smart System Research Center of National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University (NYCU) was commissioned by the Water Resources Planning Institute (an affiliated agency of the Water Resources Agency, Ministry of Economic Affairs) to plan and manage the operation of the Nanliao Hydraulic Startup Hub. To promote the development of emerging water resources, an NYCU research team worked with the Chinese Institute of Engineers and Water Affairs Organization (Taiwan) in April and May 2021, respectively, to jointly invite the Department of Water Quality Protection, Environmental Protection Administration of Executive Yuan and Taiwan Environmental Manufacturers Association to participate in a tour of the Nanliao Hydraulic Startup Hub and Emergency Seawater Desalination Plant. The objective of this tour is to raise awareness of the current state of emergency desalination and the future development of the desalination industry.

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