Empowerment and Cultivation of Talent through AIoT Program


National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University (NYCU) has incorporated high-end learning techniques—which are usually accessible only to a limited number of talented learners—with a large amount of NYCU professional resources, corporate social responsibility (CSR) plans of high-tech manufacturers, and the new curriculum guidelines on artificial intelligence and Internet of Things (AIoT), thereby enhancing the generalization of such highly technical knowledge.


Project highlights

  1. Training of seed teachers for higher education SPROUT project

Through the University Social Responsibility (USR) education program, basic knowledge of AI/IOT/coding is imparted to disadvantaged students, who are trained to become teaching assistants. Teaching assistant fees, which serve as living allowances for disadvantaged students, are subsidized by county and city governments.


  1. Collaboration with TSMC Charity Foundation

NYCU promotes the Hands Together Deep-Rooted Project for Smart IoT Digital Technology Education through a collaboration with TSMC Charity Foundation.

Five elementary schools in Hsinchu City were selected as the seed schools for the Empowerment and Cultivation of Talent in AIoT Program that is managed by National Chiao Tung University as part of its USR program. Domestic semiconductor IoT sensor teaching aids were introduced into the program; specifically, core processing units and sensing components were incorporated into the curriculum.


  1. AIoT Sensor Winwin Award

NYCU worked with Taoyuan City Government and Hsinchu County Government to organize the first National AIoT Sensor Winwin Award. Teachers and students were encouraged to make good use of “Rabboni”—a built-in six-axis gravity sensor created by NYCU—and work together as teams. This event will facilitate the development of national information education through the promotion of academic profession.


2024 NYCU Sustainable Development Week ─ Result Presentation of USR x SDGs Project

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2024 NYCU Sustainable Development Week ─ Climate Tipping Point

Climate Tipping Point Film List: The Weather Diaries Kathy Drayton|2020|Australia|91 min Link of Trailer *2024/4/18 Thur. 19:00     @ 1st Meeting Room, Auditorium and Activity Center, Yangming Campus *2024/4/22 Mon. 19:00     @ FR326, Humanities and Social Sciences Bldg.2, Chiaotung Campus Climate Exodus David Baute|2020|Spain|54 min Link of Trailer *2024/4/19 Fri.