Flooding and Wild Creek Remediation Controversies in Taiwan has Finally been Published in International Journals


Mei-Fang Fan from Institute of Science, Technology and Society, who has long studied environmental justice and deliberative democracy, emphasized the importance of incorporating a diversified communication and dialogue to environmental governance, linking the importance of micro-and macroscopic perspectives by considering spatial scales so that the case study can be successfully published in an international journal named “Environment and Planning C: Politics and Space.”

She believes that this study could raise the international community’s awareness to the importance of Taiwan aborigines’ local knowledge and presence in environmental governance as well as cognitive, ethical and democratic functions that citizens can play to compensate for the flaws in the functioning of the governance system. This study is valuable as it provides important reflections on sustainable governance in current times of global climate crisis.




Let the “heart” take a breath – What is Mental Health Day? How to Establish a Campus that is More Friendly, and Supportive of Mental Health

Recently, universities and colleges have been increasingly recognizing the importance of addressing students’ mental and psychological well-being. They are gradually implementing initiatives to promote mental health days, with the expectation that these days will allow students to focus on their emotional well-being. The goal is to help them understand how