NYCU takes a broad stance in fight against learning loss, makes learning more flexible


ewant is a pioneer in online education platforms for high schools. It not only promotes independent learning in high schools and general education credits in universities, but also creates in-depth VR-integrated experiences camps, bilingual online study tour groups, and high school talent cultivation programs. Since the implementation of the 2019 syllabus, more and more high school students have used ewant to learn independently. Currently, more than 15,000 high school students have obtained online course certificates on the platform.

ewant’s “SOS! The Summer Online Academy” provides more than 30 fully online general education courses for which 57 colleges and universities accept credits. This allows students to study at home and earn credits during summer vacation and control their graduation progress. 42 colleges and universities have opened elective courses for prospective freshmen so that they can begin early.

Li Wei-Yi, director of NYCU’s Higher Education Resources for Openness (HERO), emphasized that the outbreak of the epidemic has led many courses to move to online teaching and that online learning will only become more prevalent in the future. ewant’s long-term goal is to deploy online digital teaching for senior high schools in Taiwan (including outlying islands). Having values similar to the core value of the ewant platform, it actively cooperates with the quality education goal of the UN SDGs, and provides a number of stable online learning resources to maintain consistent learning!


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