NYCU will establish ESG center


To effectively promote the exchange and cooperation between academia and industry in Taiwan, share teaching resources, cultivate innovative talents, and advance internationally, Ennoconn has provided NT$10 million to NYCU and St. John’s University to establish an ESG Center (Environmental Protection, Social Responsibility, Corporate Governance). On 13 September, a cooperation memorandum was signed, marking a new milestone in cooperation between universities and enterprises in Taiwan.

Chu Fu-Quan, the president of Ennoconn, has provided NT$10 million for the joint creation of the ESG Center at NYCU and St. John’s University. Ennoconn will also participate in the Industry-Academia Collaboration Program of the National Science Council to implement the concept of “employment at the time of enrollment and establishment of a business at the time of graduation.” This initiative aims to promote mutual collaboration in internship-based teaching and practical training between academic research and industry practices, to reduce the gap between theory and application.

Meanwhile, Caswell, Inc., under the Ennoconn, recommended by President Chu Fu-Quan, continue to join the first round of capital increase of NT$40 million from the company derived from our university, FiduciaEdge Technologies Co. Ltd., they believe that FiduciaEdge Technologies Co. Ltd.’s trusted edge computing platform is a high-tech software company that provides edge computing security, credibility, and privacy protection technologies. It can offer a variety of partner solutions for IoT, AIoT, and edge computing-related data security protection, data privacy protection, and trusted computing platforms. Through the synergy of core technologies, software, and hardware products, and the innovative services established through Ennoconn’s industrial ecosystem, they aim to create multi-level collaborative opportunities and unleash a win-win synergy.

This cooperation not only responds to the government’s policy of diversity of talent, but also creates a complete ecosystem for education, employment, and innovation. Our university will also establish the College of Ennoconn to help effectively cultivate talents within the Ennoconn Group and introduce international top talents. Additionally, it will provide St. John’s University students with the opportunity to take cross-campus courses and receive instruction at the Taipei campus, promote professional development and establish a partnership for industry-academia collaboration.

Secretary-general to the president, Lin Chia-Lung stated that Taiwan is currently facing challenges associated with a declining birth rate and the talent integration in different fields is crucial in the era of digital technology transformation. The government has set the 2030 objective to fully promote policies relating to talent recruitment, cultivation, and retention, while also facilitating the integration of educational resources and industry participation. This university-enterprise collaboration will serve as a demonstration of how Taiwan’s talents can be promoted to the international stage.


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