The History of Medical Service in Lan-yu during National Yang-Ming University

Topic:The History of Medical Service in Lan-yu during National Yang-Ming University
Lecturer:Prof. Nan-chi Chang ( CEO VIA Cord Blood Stem Foundation/ Former National Yang-Ming University Professor )
Host: Ph.D. Shiang-jang Tzeng ( Post-Doctor Fellow of NYCU Liberal Arts College)
Moderator: Associate Prof. Li-Hung Chang (Associate Dean of NYCU Liberal Arts College )
Date:September 12, 2023 14:00-15:30
Location:NYCU Paul Han House
Online Link:   (Open 15 minutes before the lecture)
Deadline for Registration : September 12, 2023 12:00
With his knowledge of Genetic Engineering and Immunology, Prof. Nan-chi Chang has ventured his expertise as means for treating actual genetic diseases. After completing his postdoctoral training in the USA, he resolutely returned to the then National Yang-Ming Medical College owing to a high calling, plus a request from our Late President Paul Han (韓偉). Since then, he not only devoted himself to education, but also personally led many teams of National Yang-Ming University to the Orchid Island (Lan-yu) for charity services to patients of various endogenous genetic diseases requiring timely advices and treatments. In this lecture, Prof. Chang will flashback this historical past as a joyful note to you all !!
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|Tel.| (02)2826-7000#65284


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