The NYCU Research Center on International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) and Assistive Technology (RICFAT) is hosting the largest international exhibition of the long-term care and assistive device industry in Taiwan.


2023 Taiwan’s Largest International Assistive Technology for Life Expo – Taiwan’s First-Ever Senior Care Park, 5 Major Cross-Domain Innovations, and the Rise of the New Silver Generation Wave.


The largest exhibition in Taiwan, the ATLife Taiwan Assistive Devices and Long-Term Care Expo, which serves as a benchmark platform for Taiwan’s assistive devices and long-term care industry chain, begins today on May 4 and will continue until May 7 in Hall 1 of the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center. The event was organized by the Research Center on International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) and Assistive Technology (RICFAT) and Chan Chao International Co., Ltd., bringing together 190 well-known domestic and international brands of assistive devices and long-term care, utilizing 530 booths to showcase more than 3000 latest assistive devices, long-term care equipment, and intelligent care solutions, demonstrating the industry’s strength. This year is the year of a significant reduction in the pandemic, resulting in higher international standards. Participating countries and regions include Japan, the United Kingdom, Denmark, the United States, Germany, Vietnam, Thailand, Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macau. These represent a global chain of assistive devices and the long-term care industry chain. This also allows the world to see the enormous potential of Taiwan’s long-term health industry!

【Inaugural Taiwan-Japan Collaborative Selection Reveals Outstanding Awards for Taiwan Long-Term Care Leased Assistive Devices】

In line with the policy of highlighting the lease for the supply of both international and domestic long-term care assistive devices, NYCU’s RICFAT, in collaboration with the Taiwan Alliance of Technology Industries in Smart Senior Living and Innovative Long-Term Care (TATISI), hosted the inaugural ‘Excellence Award for Leased Long-Term Care Assistive Devices’. They went the extra mile to improve the selection standards by inviting Mr. Kiyokuni Goshima, the Chief Consultant Expert from Japan’s Care Insurance Welfare Equipment Payment of The Association for Technical Aids (ATA), to be the judge. A total of 12 companies were selected as top choices, along with 26 products, and 18 companies were recognized for their outstanding products, with a total of 28 items. Additionally, three product presentation sessions for selected companies were during the exhibition period. This award is expected to lead to rapid upgrades and transformations in Taiwan’s assistive device industry, thereby promoting significant social and economic benefits by driving the development of the elderly technology sector.

【First-Ever Nationwide: Senior Citizens Long-Term Care Park – Intelligent Senior Care with 5 Major Cross-Domain Innovations】

The newly established Senior Citizens Long-Term Care Park by ATLife in this event is an integrated platform for cross-disciplinary innovation and various exchanges, offering a one-stop solution for the various needs of senior long-term care. This area brings together 18 companies focused on the core aspects of “specialized care for basic needs” to address concerns in different parts of senior life. It includes five major cross-domain services: “Professional” senior care services, “Excellent” dining options for seniors, “Secure” protection for senior care, “Comfortable” clothing solutions for seniors, and “Smooth” mobility services to overcome stairs. These services provide professional assistance in the areas of long-term care subsidies, health promotion, and rehabilitation, while also offering senior care meals, insurance trust for elderly life planning, functional and convenient clothing, and barrier-free mobility solutions. All of these contribute to confronting the wave of the aging generation in Taiwan.

【22 Conference Events and Forums Condense the Essence of Long-Term Care Industry – Unmissable Technology Care】

The upcoming ATLife event promises excitement, featuring a gathering of numerous elite care providers and manufacturers, with a series of popular topics in the assistive device and long-term care industry. The conference area will host a total of 13 events, including sessions on senior life management and financial planning, the presentation of the Excellence Award for Long-Term Care Assistive Devices, business insurance forums, and a forum for physical therapists. In addition, 9 events are planned to focus on the core policies and forums, such as the practical application and operation of long-term care leased assistive devices, interdisciplinary discussions on digital health, the practical applications of advanced and sports wheelchairs, pressure injury care, future mature living, intelligence assistive devices, the legal aspects of long-term care and the health industry, as well as a forum to analyze and strategize the markets and trends of technology care in Japan, the United States, Europe, Vietnam and Thailand. Each event offers excitement and this series shows the explosion potential of the industry.

【Free Distribution of the Only Global “12 Elderly Long-Term Care Needs Manuals” – A Treasure Trove of Health Promotion and Care】

A major highlight of ATLife is the free distribution of a unique global creation at the exhibition venue – the “12 Elderly Long-Term Care Needs Manuals,” which can be seen as a treasury of long-term care living treasure. This catalog, limited to four days of the exhibition each year, contains important information about annual assistive device products and updates on long-term care. It is available for seniors, caregivers, people with disabilities, and industry professionals. It not only facilitates easier navigation of the exhibition for participants, but it is also an essential tool for all caregivers and provides a year-long utility. With this manual, you can easily deal with all the daily challenges of life, big or small!


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