Visions of NYCU for Future Smart Healthcare


Many years ago, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University (hereafter NYCU) defined BioICT® as the direction of biotechnology development at Boai Campus. To integrate the interdisciplinary research and development capacities of National Yang Ming University (NYMU) and National Chiao Tung University (NCTU) in clinical medicine; biomedical technology; Internet of Things; big data; electronics, information, communications and optoelectronics; and mechanical materials, NYCU established the Center for Smart Healthcare. Stationed in the Boai Campus BIO–ICT Building, the center aims to promote Boai Campus, which is a major site for electronic development, as a national research center capable of both academic research and clinical testing, thus shouldering the responsibility of school affairs development in the new generation.

In 2020, NYCU established a simulated ward in the Boai Campus BIO–ICT Building. The site configuration was adjusted in accordance with smart clinics and medical planning, providing sites for implementing technology and medical materials under development and enabling accurate understanding of clinical needs. The flexibility of hardware facilities for mobile assembly was preserved, and departments of medicine and surgery such as clinics, wards, surgery rooms, and dialysis rooms will be planned according to demand. In addition, a medical system will be established for uploading, saving, and borrowing data, and a hospital information system will be developed for organizing and testing data on site before linking them up to the hospital system. An open platform has been provided to professors and startup teams for interdisciplinary collaboration in opening up business opportunities for biomedical applications. Technology completed using the simulated ward will be transferred to the clinical market for application and linked to academic research teams and medical industries. Thus, the BioICT® campus of Boai can become an active campus, creating a new community for the biomedical economy.

Amidst the current COVID-19 pandemic, NYMU and NCTU promptly formed a licensure alliance tasked with applying information and communication technology and precision testing technology in various tasks related to pandemic prevention. Thus, the domain complementarity of NYMU and NCTU has proven to be a crucial basis for major healthcare industries in future. Specifically, NYCU has created the first remote smart body temperature and position monitoring system platform in Taiwan. Said platform enables users to monitor patient physical conditions at all times as well as provide them with care. NYCU has collaborated with the Ministry of Health and Welfare Taoyuan Hospital to promote a telemedicine solution program that consists of cloud x-ray interpretation technology, facial mirror, and real-time temperature monitoring patches integrated in a mobile medical platform. The remote video function in the mobile platform transmits the heart rhythms of patients to doctors remotely, enabling the doctors to monitor patient heart rhythms at different locations. This enables the simultaneous completion of remote inquiry and auscultation, effectively reinforcing pandemic prevention and telemedicine in Taiwan.

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