Building a Cutting-edge Artistic Learning Environment: NYCU IAA x NVIDIA Studio x ASUS


ASUS provides creator laptops certified by NVIDIA Studio, enabling NYCU faculty and students to work in an environment that meets industry standards and harnesses boundless creative potential through generative AI. (photo from ASUS)

Amidst the surge of digital technology, the field of artistic creation is undergoing an unprecedented revolution. In a bid to promote the integration of artistic education and technology, ASUS collaborates with NVIDIA and the Institute of Applied Arts (IAA) at National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University (NYCU) to initiate a captivating joint project—IAA x NVIDIA Studio x ASUS.

This innovative collaboration intertwines cutting-edge technology and top-notch equipment into the artistic learning environment, dedicated to creating an academic realm that inspires creativity and explores boundless possibilities.

Fostering Artistic Innovation: Charting the Future of Creative Education

In this learning environment, a variety of ASUS Creator laptops, certified by NVIDIA Studio, have been introduced. These laptops boast outstanding hardware performance, providing faculty and students with tools for easily utilizing generative AI technology, thereby expanding the possibilities of artistic creation limitlessly. The collaboration among NYCU, NVIDIA, and ASUS not only signifies a new milestone in cross-disciplinary cooperation but is also a crucial step forward for the future of art education.

In this collaborative venture, the emphasis is on leveraging the robust capabilities of ASUS Creator laptops to expedite the development of generative AI and creativity in new media design. Ms. Yi-jun Chen, Vice General Manager of ASUS Joint Technology Business, expresses hope that this partnership will enable students to quickly align with industry trends and practical applications, propelling emerging artistic talents onto the international stage.

Professor Yung-Fu Chen, Vice President of NYCU, highlights the pivotal role that interdisciplinary technologies, such as generative AI and algorithmic art, will play in the future of artistic creation. Filled with anticipation for the collaboration with NVIDIA and ASUS, he believes that it will furnish students with advanced equipment, significantly improve the overall efficiency of teaching, learning, and application, and expand the research capabilities of forward-looking experiments. Through the utilization of AI technology, the collaboration aims to initiate unprecedented intellectual exchanges and dialogues in the realm of art.

Innovative Synergy: Transforming Art Education with ASUS, NVIDIA, and NYCU Collaboration

This collaboration is facilitated by ASUS, which provides creator laptops certified by NVIDIA Studio, such as the ASUS Vivobook 16X, ROG Zephyrus G14, ROG Flow X16, and ASUS TUF Gaming A15. These laptops establish a practical environment that aligns with industry standards, fostering boundless creative potential for both faculty and students.

The wealth of resources on the NVIDIA Studio platform, including the NVIDIA Omniverse platform, ensures that faculty and students have access to the latest digital creation tools and technologies. Leveraging the powerful capabilities of RTX accelerates the workflow, allowing for more dedicated time to focus on the creative process.

The three-party collaboration provides a diverse learning environment for faculty and students at NYCU’s Institute of Applied Arts and establishes a groundbreaking domain for cultivating design and artistic talents. This industry-academic collaboration signifies the interdisciplinary fusion of technology and art, demonstrating a firm commitment to the future of creative education.NYCU’s Vice President, Professor Yung-Fu Chen (left), ASUS Foundation representative Yu-feng Lin, ASUS Joint Technology Business Vice General Manager, Ms. Yi-jun Chen, and NVIDIA Taiwan’s Business Manager, Mr. Zhu, stand together to represent the collaboration between the two parties. (photo from ASUS)

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