Cross-domain, diverse, practical education inspires large-scale project planning to enter international competitions


The project “NYCU Vulpes Racing Aerodynamics Development Plan” promoted by the 2021 Innovative Creative Technology (ICT) was created by a cross-disciplinary group called the “NVR Vulpes Car Manufacturing Team”, This team will participate in Formula SAE Japan (FSAEJ) in September this year, proving that Taiwan also has multi-domain car-manufacturing talent and is replete creativity and innovation. NYCU students can take the opportunity offered by the international competition FSAEJ to show their superb achievements!

The ICT uses five cross-disciplinary groups (robotics, VR/AR, IoT, digital manufacturing, and drones) as the core axis to plan the curriculum map, and is paired with abundant experimental equipment resources and educational training at the university level to exhibit a variety of practical results every year; “OPEN LABs! What’s happening?” was curated with the dual themes of technology and art. The “Theory and Practice of Laser Manufacturing” in the emerging technology exhibition area, under the theme of bionic structure design, had created metal 3D printed innovative products applied to light and shadow installations, which themselves attracted widespread attention; The artistic experimental creation exhibition area displays multiple materials such as dynamic plot film creation and soundtrack production. In addition, the resident artists of Railway Art Village Kaiyu and Zihning were specially invited for their two improvisational dance choreography and experimental music works “P=F/ A” and “Body Wave Line”.

  1. “Open LABs! What’s happening” results exhibition video link:
  2. “Open LABs! What’s happening” news report:
  3. Railway Art Village resident artist performances:


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