Deepen the value of transgender/gender-friendly dormitories


Our school constantly implements and deepens the values of transgender/gender-friendly in its hardware and software facilities. When the new dormitories were completed, the school established a gender-friendly dormitory area on the first floor of the female dormitory. Anyone of any gender can apply to stay there. Starting from 2023, the school will work in gender-friendly dormitories in mixed-gender buildings, add gender-friendly restrooms, open common areas such as lounges and simple kitchens for use by individuals of different genders, and provide applications for transgender dormitories. In addition, in order to address any concerns that may arise among students during the implementation of measures to promote transgender/ gender-friendly, the management unit will conduct bilateral communication with students through discussion meetings and formulate corresponding measures as detailed below:

1. Gender-Friendly Dormitories in Mixed-Gender Buildings:
From 2023, the management unit will open half of the floors of the male dormitory building (Male Dormitory 2) as female dormitories. At the same time, they will implement related measures, such as the purchase of hidden camera detectors, the addition of curtains to the female dormitory areas, and planning separate laundry spaces for different genders.
2. Addition of Gender-Friendly Restrooms:
In 2021, a gender-friendly restroom was established in the basement (B1F) of Male Dormitory 3. In 2023, gender-friendly restrooms have been progressively added in Female Dormitory 2 (4F) and Male Dormitory 1 (B1), and it’s planned to continue to add to remaining three dormitories over the next two years, ensuring that gender-friendly restrooms are available in all student dormitories.
3. Opening of Common Areas Accessible to All Genders:
In order to create public spaces to promote gender equality, our school has gradually opened common areas in the Yang Ming Campus student dormitories that can be used by individuals of different genders. This initiative aims to deepen gender-friendly values and eliminate gender barriers. This includes the establishment of gender-inclusive lounges in Male Dormitory 1, Male Dormitory 3, Male Dormitory 5, Female Dormitory 2, Female Dormitory 3, and Female Dormitory 5, with some dormitories even with gender-neutral amenities such as simple kitchens, fitness and recreational areas, and laundry facilities.
4. Providing Transgender Dormitory Applications:
The dormitory management unit, in collaboration with our school’s Mental Health and Counselling Centre, offers single-person suite accommodations for transgender students. This is done to avoid any discomfort or conflicts that may arise when transgender students share a living spaces with roommates whose biological or psychological genders differ from their own.


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