Encourage teachers to engage in interdisciplinary communication and improve their teaching skills continuously.


In order to maintain the professional quality of teaching and provide students a high-quality learning experience, our school annually encourages teachers to voluntarily form communities, promoting interdisciplinary collaboration, combining teaching experiences from different fields to drive innovative teaching strategies and applications, as well as interdisciplinary research development, breaking free from the confines of single professional domains. In 2022, a total of 11 teacher communities were formed, with 56 teachers participating. They incorporated industry knowledge into their teaching experiences, introducing innovative teaching strategies and curriculum development with a wide range of topics, including the metaverse, scientific analysis of movies, and life education. Through the formation of teacher communities, we create a sustainable teaching growth mechanism, gradually apply new teaching plans to suit the various learning needs of students.


Let the “heart” take a breath – What is Mental Health Day? How to Establish a Campus that is More Friendly, and Supportive of Mental Health

Recently, universities and colleges have been increasingly recognizing the importance of addressing students’ mental and psychological well-being. They are gradually implementing initiatives to promote mental health days, with the expectation that these days will allow students to focus on their emotional well-being. The goal is to help them understand how