Enterprises strongly support the launch of a project to support Ukrainian students who intend to study in Taiwan


Since the Russo-Ukrainian war was kindled in late February (2022), the flames of war have continued to rage. To offer a helping hand to Ukrainian students who have interrupted their studies due to war, starting from the fall class of 2022, NYCU will provide financial assistance to Ukrainian students who have been forced to stop their academic pursuits due to the war so they can travel to Taiwan to resume their study, thus fulfilling the educational responsibilities of NYCU as a university.

The Ukrainian situation was learned from the Ukrainian students and Polish professors of NYCU and Taiwanese businesses who engaged in rescue operations in Poland. Therefore, fundraising and recruitment activities have started since April, which have received an enthusiastic response from enterprises and alumni alike. The university’s colleges and departments are also actively involved in helping students with the application for fields that correspond to their areas of expertise, in hopes of providing Ukrainian students with more far-reaching and substantial help.


The Ukrainian student scholarship fundraising plan and enrollment project initiated by NYCU not only helps Ukrainian students to continue their education in Taiwan after being forced to interrupt their studies due to the war but also ensures that they can do so in peace. Therefore, this project covers the costs of the students’ travel to Taiwan, their tuition and miscellaneous expenses during the study period, as well as their accommodation and daily living expenses. In addition, the school also provides free Chinese courses to help students adapt to life in Taiwan.


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