General Artificial Intelligence is the Central Component of an Industrial-Academic Exchange Platform, and for Developing Key Technologies and Promoting Applications


The Pervasive Artificial Intelligence Research Labs promotes applied AI research with the aim of “integrating the application of artificial intelligence technology into people’s life, work, and leisure in the most humane way”. It also provides matchmaking for various industrial-academic cooperation, encourages publicity activities, and assists in the sharing of other general artificial intelligence science applications and knowledge.

Important achievements made over the years include:

1. Fulfilling social responsibility and developing outstanding talent with a worldwide perspective, and promoting the application of general artificial intelligence

To publicize the research results of the past four years, we have worked with digital media in the previous two years, including INSIDE/TechNews, to bring more opportunities for industrial-academic cooperation and attract outstanding students; In addition, there has been a total 7 reports in the column “AI NEXT”, produced in cooperation with Science Monthly and Scientific American. (Figure 1/ Figure 2)

In talent cultivation, it is planned to hold several AI meet-up-themed activities throughout the school in Taiwan each year, which can help Taiwanese students keep up with global standards.


2. It facilitates the communication between academia and industry and acts as a matchmaker to promote the combination of industry and AI to accelerate its application

Regarding disseminating industrial benefits, it actively cooperates with major chambers of commerce and industry, such as the Information Service Industry Association of R.O.C.’s AI and Big Data Smart Application Promotion Association and the Cloud Computing & IoT Association in Taiwan to hold more than 5 experience-exchange meetings. In addition, it encourages the simultaneous acceleration of technology implementation and participation in entrepreneurial competitions and pushes for business transformation and sustainable management.


3. It promotes international connection to enhance the international reputations of NYCU and the PAIR Center

In addition to actively establishing partnerships with prestigious schools and encouraging teachers and students to go abroad for short-term research, it also organized several international competitions and seminars, including co-hosting international visual recognition competitions (IEEE MMSP/IEEE ICME/ ACM ICMR) with Professor Guo Jiun-In from the Institute of Electronics of NYCU, effectively enhancing the global visibility of the Center and its researchers’ scholarly research. (Figure 4)

4. Breakthroughs in technological integration assist the country in solving important challenges and carrying out research on artificial intelligence.

In keeping with the theme of “smart service”, the Center proposed to establish a cross-domain integration project with the IoT-based AI service architecture platform entitled “General AI Service: Smart Agents within the Trend of Digital Transformation”,  which aims to solve major societal issues and promote people’s well-being through AI technology.


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