Helping young people grasp the opportunities from national industrial development, giving them industrial foresight and employment skills


To implement the “Industry New Elites Pilot Program” launched by the Workforce Development Agency of the Ministry of Labor, NYCU opened several courses, including “Diversified Semiconductor Industry Talent Cultivation,” “AI Interdisciplinary Data Science Talent Training,” “Optoelectronics and AI Biomedicine Industry Talent Cultivation,” “International Marketing and Business English,” “FinTech,” “AI,” and “Industry 4.0.” These courses have increased the employment rate of young people to more than 70%, which is a testimony to their outstanding results. The training course advances theory and practice in parallel, and combined with a series of practical work, students develop the forward-looking literacy and employment skills of the 5+2 industries, in accordance with the government’s economic development policies. In addition, the courses help young people to optimize their resumes. NYCU also organizes job fairs for companies to introduce themselves and match students with interviews, giving young people more interview experiences, increasing the employment rate of trainees, and helping young people find a company they admire.

Training courses help young people actually apply what they have learned in the classroom to job interviews. They can also help young people directly obtain interview opportunities from major companies. It can also help students recognize their ability to integrate into the industry and make them more aware of who they are and their potential to flourish in certain fields.

Between June 2021 and June 2022, 12 courses were opened under the “Industry New Elites Pilot Program,” benefiting more than 546 people.


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