Hsuan Kun Yang Fan and Jade Admissions Offer Higher Education Opportunities for Disadvantaged Students


To provide more opportunities for disadvantaged students to improve their circumstances through higher education, NYCU’s undergraduate individual admission channel established the “Hsuan Kun Yang Fan Recruitment” and “Jade Admissions” programs, which provide separate rubrics for disadvantaged students with lower screening standards, simplified selection processes, and lower registration fees to increase their chances of admission. These programs aim to provide new opportunities for talent training in higher education institutions by eliminating the disparity in educational resources caused by wealth gaps and urban-rural gaps.

In 2022, a total of 28 departments, almost all the departments of the school, participated in underprivileged enrollment, divided into eight groups according to characteristics of enrollment, including the engineering group, student science group, management group, humanities and social sciences group from Hsuan Kun Yang Fan; As well as Jade Admissions’ faculty of medicine group, dentistry group, and non-departmental group, providing a total of 79 enrollment slots, representing 7.6% of the school’s approved admission slots for undergraduate applications.

In addition to the channels of admission for disadvantaged students, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health and Welfare provide scholarships to students from outlying islands, indigenous communities, and remote rural areas; in addition, there are quotas for the united distribution of students with disabilities. Students with financial or cultural disadvantaged are also accepted into NYCU through general admission channels. In addition to tuition fees and housing assistance, scholarships, and other financial aid, NYCU also provides different academic and career counseling in hopes of providing disadvantaged students with adequate learning resources.


Hsuan Kun Yang Fan Recruitment: https://exam.nycu.edu.tw/flip/

Jade Admissions: https://aa.nycu.edu.tw/admit/pu-project/


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