Implement dormitory epidemic prevention


The Housing Center Group 1 and 2 of NYCU are committed to protecting the educational and housing rights of resident students while preventing the spread of infectious diseases in dormitories. They have established dormitory epidemic prevention regulations to maintain a safe environment. Additionally, from May 2022 to June 2023, they have organized isolation dormitories and care dormitories to assist confirmed cases and close contacts. A total of 652 individuals were accommodated on both campuses, providing them with basic living and hygiene necessities. The provision of meal delivery services and online counseling is also offered, ensuring that students had a high-quality environment and support while there are isolated, maintaining their physical and mental well-being.

Furthermore, they have implemented regular cleaning, disinfection, and access control in dormitories common spaces to maintain public hygiene. During the epidemic, the management team clean the dormitory common areas, including elevators, doorknobs, corridors, shared bathrooms, and more twice daily. After the individuals left the isolation or care homes, the room underwent a thorough cleaning and disinfection. In order to prevent dormitories epidemic, access control was implemented to prevent confirmed cases or close contacts from freely entering or exiting dorm.


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