Improve teaching quality and create innovative teaching models.


In order to adjust classroom teaching to the learning requirments of students, our school encourages teachers to offer motivating teaching plans, implement flipped teaching, and establish a high-quality learning environment. The themes include teaching practice research, interdisciplinary collaborative teaching, and improving teaching effectiveness. Teachers use a variety of teaching techniques to develop new teaching strategies, track students’ learning progress, and adjust course content and delivery methods as needed. In 2022, a total of 47 motivating teaching courses were supported, with the aim of putting the spirit of flipped professional classroom teaching into practice and improve the depth and breadth of student learning. In the future, we will keep motivating teachers to actively develop innovative teaching models and transform the teaching atmosphere.


Let the “heart” take a breath – What is Mental Health Day? How to Establish a Campus that is More Friendly, and Supportive of Mental Health

Recently, universities and colleges have been increasingly recognizing the importance of addressing students’ mental and psychological well-being. They are gradually implementing initiatives to promote mental health days, with the expectation that these days will allow students to focus on their emotional well-being. The goal is to help them understand how