Keeping pace with international standards, even without going abroad: Bilingual online study tour group!


In order to broaden the international horizons of vocational high school students and strengthen their foreign language skills, NYCU has cooperated with Taoyuan City, New Taipei City, and Keelung City to launch the “bilingual online study tour group” this summer to support vocational high school students stepping out of their comfort zone to complete an independent study on an international online learning platform. These courses are set on the FutureLearn platform, opening up the window to the world for high school vocational students. Digital learning and English teaching teachers act as mentors to guide students in online learning strategies, skills and English participatory knowledge, encourage students to understand the topics of the courses, and interact immersively with learners from all over the world.


The MOE’s “Promoting Advancement in Digital Learning Programs for Primary and Secondary Schools” improves the digital learning environment, content, and tools of primary and secondary schools throughout the country in three aspects. NYCU’s “High School Vocational Digital Teaching Platform Launch Project” is one of the MOE’s certification programs. Currently, the university has cooperated with Taoyuan City, New Taipei City, and Keelung City to establish high school digital teaching areas. The “bilingual online study tour group” is one of the highlights of the plan.


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