[Lecture Event]Understanding the Properties of Tritium and Taiwan’s Response to Japan’s Tritium Emissions

The Center or Environmental Protection and Safety is organizing a seminar entitled “Understanding the Characteristics of Tritium and Taiwan’s Response to Japan’s Tritium Discharge.” We encourage all faculty, staff, and students at the university to actively sign up for this seminar.

  1. In response to the recent tritium discharge incident in Fukushima, Japan, which has raised concerns among the public in Taiwan about the impact of nuclear wastewater on food safety, this seminar has been organized. The seminar will cover topics such as an introduction to the characteristics of tritium, an explanation of Japan’s discharge plan and IAEA supervision, Taiwan’s response measures, and address the questions and concerns of the public regarding Japan’s tritium discharge in a Q&A format.
  2. The seminar is scheduled for November 7, 2023, from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM and will be held in the International Conference Hall A at the Library on Guangfu Campus . Registration is available online (Google forms: https://forms.gle/fonAg9KjEmcCSASL6), and the registration period is from today until November 1.
  3. Participants who attend the entire event will be eligible for 2 hours of lifelong learning credits, and boxed meals will be provided after the seminar.
  4. Contact person for activities: Yu-Hsin Yu, Campus extension:51514.