NYCU and Wistron jointly establish the Joint Industrial Innovation Center for AI and Green Energy (JCAG)


The smart and green energy industry is currently a trend in industry development. By integrating advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and the IoT into industrial processes and utilizing smart green energy manufacturing, we can ensure sustainable environmental development. Global environmental and resource issues are an inevitable challenge for the industry. Talent cultivation is undoubtedly a crucial first step in response to this challenge.

Wistron collaborated with NYCU by constructing the Joint Industrial Innovation Center for AI and Green Energy (JCAG) on June 14 at NYCU Guiren Campus. Under the active facilitation of Acer founder Stan Shih, also a graduate of NYCU, and Simon Lin, the Vice Chairman of the High Achievers Foundation and Chairman of Wistron, High Achievers Foundation CEO Cheng-Wen Wu, Wistron Manager Huang Chun-tung, and Vice President of the Tainan Campus of NYCU Yung-Fu Chen together prepared and planned for collaborative development of industry-academia cooperation in talent cultivation, along with Dean Ren-Hung Hwang of the College of Artificial Intelligence. The university intends to establish the “IoT Industry Master Program” in the first semester of the 113th academic year to promote interdisciplinary research on innovative smart services, smart technology, and smart industrial IoT in the fields of intelligent manufacturing and green energy electronics to promote cooperation between NYCU and Tainan in industry-academia partnerships. Additionally, after Cheng-Wen Wu became the President of the Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology, the university has become the first strong partner of NYCU’s Joint College Alumni Group (JCAG). 

Chi-Hung Lin, the president of NYCU, stated that the university aims to cultivate industry professionals who have experience in electrical engineering, information technology, science, and practical experience in this field to meet the challenges of global industry 4.0 and respond to the growing demand for artificial intelligence talent. The university aims to enhance national competitiveness by accumulating artificial intelligence human capital. Starting from the 108th academic year, the College of Artificial Intelligence will be established on Tainan Guiren Campus, which is located near the Shalun Green Energy Science City. By enhancing and optimizing the collaboration between industry and academia in cooperation with JCAG and Wistron, the NYCU Tainan campus aims to become the pioneering base for collaborative research and talent cultivation in the fields of smart technology and green energy, fostering innovation in industry-academia partnership throughout the country.

Simon Lin, Chairman of Wistron, stated that Wistron is committed to building its operational capabilities, undergoing digital transformation, and continuously improving its AI technical expertise to strengthen its ESG-related capabilities. The establishment of JCAG in collaboration with its alma mater holds significance for Wistron. In addition to the establishment of collaborative models such as the Smart PCBA Production Zone, Industrial IoT Experimental Zone, and Smart Automation Laboratory, it not only provides the company with competitive advantages but also incorporates the spirit of giving back to its alma mater.

The unveiling ceremony was jointly organized by Lin Chi-hung, President of NYCU, and Simon Lin, chairman of Wistron. Both parties announced that the JCAG had established a research and talent cultivation mechanism for collaborative development in smart manufacturing and smart green energy between industry and academia, a unique collaborative model for forward-looking production lines, promoting cross-disciplinary research cooperation, as well as fostering a new trend of collaboration in product and production line development and talent cultivation across different units. They also highlighted an open mechanism for involving scholars and experts in relevant fields, making JCAG a pioneering national research and development center and a talent cultivation base for collaborative development in the fields of smart manufacturing and smart green energy at a world-class level.


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