NYCU collaborates with Taipei City Government to co-organize the 2024 Harvard WorldMUN, engaging students in global affairs.


After a 14-year hiatus, the 2024 Harvard World Model United Nations (WorldMUN) is scheduled to take place in Taipei from March 10th to March 14th. This event, acclaimed as the ‘Olympics of Model United Nations,’ provides a fresh international platform for students worldwide and signifies the proactive advocacy of the Taiwan Model UN Development Association. It showcases the independent organizational spirit of National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University (NYCU) students, illustrating the vibrant and dynamic atmosphere of the institution. The participation of over 1500 international university students is anticipated as they come together in Taiwan, contributing to the success of this resounding event.

The Harvard WorldMUN, founded in 1992, has toured 30 cities globally, attracting participation from 110+ countries and 30,000 students. Held in major cities like Paris, Montreal, Rome, Seoul, Geneva, and Singapore, it features Model United Nations conferences where participants act as diplomats discussing global issues like security, economics, humanitarianism, and law. Emphasizing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the conferences simulate multilateral diplomacy, allowing delegates to express views and debate issues. Diplomatic events during the Golden Age, including the World Village Carnival, Cultural Night, and banquets, fostered exchanges and friendships.

The organizer of this event is the student-led Taiwan Model UN Development Association, with Yu-Jia Gu serving as the Executive Director—a student from the first cohort of NYCU’s Bai Chuan Program. This underscores the crucial role of students in organizing and promoting the event. In addition to the independent initiatives of the students, NYCU’s Liberal Arts College has generously sponsored the event. Collaborating closely with the Taipei City Government, we aim to provide the best venues, services, and support to ensure the event’s success.

Taipei City Vice Mayor Si-chuan Li expressed that Taipei’s selection as the host city for the ‘2024 WorldMUN’ affirms Taipei’s international standing. This event has garnered support from various sectors, including government, industry, and academia, with the expectation that the Harvard WorldMUN conference will not only increase awareness of Taipei among students from around the world but also contribute to cultivating a new generation of leaders in Taiwan with international perspectives engaged in global affairs.

President Chi-Hung Lin of NYCU said this marks a significant milestone in NYCU’s journey toward becoming a ‘great university.’ It showcases NYCU’s commitment to academic excellence and reflects our enthusiasm for international affairs and concern for global issues. President Lin emphasizes that Model United Nations is a crucial educational activity for cultivating critical thinking, independent thought, and global intelligence. It embodies NYCU’s dedication to humanities and global values and the determination to nurture future leaders with a worldwide perspective and connect with international affairs.

Let us look forward to the 2024 Harvard WorldMUN held in Taipei, which will propel NYCU onto the global stage and serve as a prominent platform for Taiwan to engage in youth exchanges with the international community, jointly embracing various challenges that lie ahead.

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