NYCU Declaration of Net Zero Emissions


National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University began to plan and formulate the Declaration of Net Zero Emissions in 2022. The university aims to work together with the global community to achieve the net zero-emission target before 2050.

In order to strengthen the importance of global sustainable development issues among all units’ managers within the university and make them understand the importance of achieving net zero emissions of greenhouse gas in university governance, our university organized an expanded administrative meeting on 4 January 2023. We specially invited Mr. Chen Lai Ju, Chairman of Kingyoup Optronics Co., Ltd. and TEN Life, to give a conference on the topic “Exam from 2050: Net Zero Emissions.”

Promoting net zero-emissions and using technologies for carbon neutrality have become an important topic in the development of the world’s major industries and future talent. In this conference, Mr. Chen Lai Ju and the attendees shared global trends in regulations and corporate-driven actions toward carbon neutrality, as well as integrated the concept of “zero carbon transformation and industrial upgrading.” He highlighted the “Zero Carbon Transformation Advanced Talent Training Program” and the “NYCU x CommonWealth Magazine: ESG Enterprise Technology Leaders Lecture Series” created by our university as educational models for leading and cultivating talent in corporate zero-carbon transformation within higher education institutions.

In order to address the issue of carbon reduction, our university not only offers courses for students and various leaders, but also has numerous teachers involved in technological and innovative research on this subject. This includes research on greenhouse gas regulation and control technologies, carbon dioxide capture, utilization, and storage technologies, as well as the development of green energy technologies and energy efficiency. The campus environment is also gradually transformed into a low carbon green campus through initiatives such as tree planting, installation of solar panels, and green building planning. Furthermore, the Tainan campus is centered on the core concepts of smart science and green energy, collaborating with surrounding partners to promote the development of a city of green energy science. In the future, our university will continue to invest in teaching and research and work hand in hand with our surrounding partners to move towards a net zero future.


After the lecture, President Lin Chi-Hung, as the representative of the entire university, declared that NYCU is determined to achieve net zero emissions by the year 2050. Mr. Chen Lai Ju served as a witness and together they signed the Declaration of Net Zero Emissions.


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