NYCU Joins Efforts with the Taoyuan City Government to Build a High School Digital Learning Platform


NYCU has long promoted open education and has created the “ewant Open Education Platform”, the most important large-scale open-course platform in Taiwan, to share high-quality higher education resources with the public. In addition to providing free learning resources to the public, the platform is also continuing to promote independent learning and flexible elective courses for high school students. In 2018, it began to promote “Dual teacher cooperation, digital learning”. The university provides complete educational materials to train high school teachers and helps them develop diverse teaching abilities. So far, it has collaborated with more than 100 high schools.

In 2021, NYCU collaborated with the Taoyuan City Government to establish the “Taoyuan City High School Digital Learning Platform”, which provides courses for students in Taoyuan City, helps students explore their interests and learn independently, and encourages high school vocational teachers to create digital courses of their own volition. through flexible and diverse teaching strategies, the platform improves students’ ability to learn independently and contributes to their habits of learning throughout their lives.


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