NYCU Launches a Relief Subsidy Program for International Students to Help Them Overcome Epidemic Difficulties


In order to assist international students on campus in overcoming the difficulties during the epidemic,  NYCU establishes various disease prevention initiatives to address the needs of international students to lessen the effects of the epidemic on students’ lives.

The Chiaotung Campus provides anti-epidemic subsidies for students entering Taiwan and subsidizes the expenses of quarantine lodging and round-trip transportation for international students entering Taiwan. Additionally, the university launched a relief subsidy program for international students. Any student who is experiencing financially stressed due to the epidemic can apply for relief. The school will provide financial assistance ranging from NT$3,000 to NT$20,000 according to individual situations and demands.

In the Yangming campus, although online classes were adopted during the epidemic period and on-campus attendance was no longer required, there were still international students staying in the dormitories. In 2021, thanks to the donations from warm-hearted alumni, in addition to providing health and pandemic prevention kits for foreign students. The school also distributed seasonal Taiwanese fruits every week as a gesture of concern for the health of these foreign students. The Yangming Campus also provided NT$500 PX Mart gift coupons to international students so they could purchase the necessary disease prevention supplies on their own.

International students are not able to rely on family in Taiwan for support. NYCU provided various forms of generous aid to international students and became a strong support for international students in Taiwan.

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