NYCU Was Awarded by MOE for Excellent Environmental Protection and Disaster Prevention Practices


In order to promote campus environmental protection, occupational safety and health management, and disaster prevention and rescue work of colleges and universities, the MOE implements requisite environmental protection and occupational safety and health related laws and regulations, and established a comprehensive campus environment and safety management system for colleges and universities. It invited experts and scholars to form a team to carry out the inspection, which is performed once every four years. Through self-inspection of schools and on-site visits, it helps schools identify and mitigate problems, so as to truly grasp the status of the campus environment and safety management.

NYCU was one of the schools inspected in 2020. Items for inspection included “environmental protection and energy resource management,” “occupational health and safety management,” and “campus disaster management.” NYCU not only “passed” the expert review, but also gained a recognition of excellence from the Ministry of Education that year for its excellent environmental protection and disaster prevention practices. A certificate was issued on November 8, 2021, as a form of encouragement. NYCU will continue implementing relevant laws and regulations on environmental protection, energy management, occupational safety and health, and disaster prevention and protection.


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