Protect our health against epidemic


In the post-COVID-19 era, NYCU continues to work to promote epidemic prevention, aiming to improve students’ awareness of epidemic prevention and control, while also facilitating the protection of the campus. Nursing students were invited to help students experience the process of wearing and removing protective clothing. Through this experience, students can gain a deeper understanding of the challenges and inconveniences faced by epidemic prevention personnel when wearing protective gear and increase their respect and gratitude for them. At the same time, these experiences also serve as reminders for students of to use personal protective equipment properly in their daily lives to reduce the risk of infection.

Furthermore, the school cooperates closely with the government to disseminate accurate information and self-protection methods for epidemic prevention. Through organizing lectures, workshops and displaying promotional posters, the school transmits the latest epidemic information to both teachers and students, including updated information on the current epidemic situation, methods of infection prevention, and appropriate hygiene practices. These activities aim to improve the understanding of epidemic prevention and control among teachers and students, allowing them to respond to the epidemic more rationally and scientifically, practice self-protection in their daily lives, thus reducing the risk of infection.

The school’s promotional efforts are extremely important because they can raise awareness and the level of importance of epidemic prevention among teachers and students. This, in turn, promotes the health and safety of the entire school community and plays a positive role in encouraging epidemic prevention efforts throughout society. It is also the school’s responsibility and mission towards society, hoping that through such efforts, it can contribute to the creation of a healthier and safer future.


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