The Hsinchu Sixth Fuel Factory: A Sustainable New Life in the City with Chickens and Bats as Learning Companions


Treating chickens and bats as learning partners and adopting participatory design for sustainable living, the NYCU Hsinchu Living Museum team works with the community residents and undergraduates to run the chicken coop and promote the education on bat conservation, so that the public, via personal engagement, can grasp the importance of multi-species coexistence, respect for life, and eco-friendliness, thereby fulfilling a new sustainable urban lifestyle.




World AIDS Day~ Health Lecture

Event Date: December 1, 112 (Friday) Event Time: 12:10-13:10 Event Purpose: Understanding AIDS and its transmission routes, preventing AIDS stigma and labeling Event Format: Hsinchu Campus: International Conference Hall, B1, How-Ran Library Yangming Campus: Online sharing via Google Meet Event Contents: Understanding AIDS and its transmission routes Learning how to


Green dormitory carbon reduction workshop

Green dormitory carbon reduction workshop What small but important transformations can you make in your life for a sustainable planet? If you want to get involved: Campus dormitory planning and discussion If you care about: planning for sustainability on campus, green living, net-zero emissions If you want to experience: a