[NYCU SDGs Project] The Living Museum: The Sixth Fuel Factory


Wen-Shu Lai, the associate professor of the Institute of Applied Arts in NYCU, has been leading her team to revitalize Sixth Fuel Factory in Hsinchu with the project named “Hsinchu Living Museum” in recent years.

There was once an international immersive theater in the Sixth Fuel Factory which was produced and performed by NYCU interdisciplinary art team and the Germany post theater. Residents could use the Sixth Fuel Factory for educational purposes, making it an important open educational place in Hsinchu. What’s more, there is a chicken coop made of materials recycled by the community, and the residents can visit it freely. The sustainable spirit of the combination of the chicken coop and our everyday lives is consistent with SDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities.

Moreover, the AIoT technology has been applied to the human density monitoring system, frosted bat monitoring system, and the chicken coop image recognition system in order to protect the base. The operation of the Sixth Fuel Factory base brings revitalization of the community and interpersonal networks, and is believed to be the best replicable case for promoting sustainable cities and communities.

For more information, please visit:

The Sixth Fuel Factory Documenta 2022: The Sixth Fuel Factory in Motion




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